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Friends in Christ Weekly Message
May 14, 2011

I am the gate. All who come in through me will be saved. Through me they will come and go and find pasture.
     A thief comes only to rob, kill, and destroy. I came so that everyone would have life, and have it in its fullest.

John 10:9-10 (CEV*)

Jesus Christ is the gate (or door) through which any can come to be saved (New Jerusalem Bible says be safe). We are given freedom to move through life without fear and anxiety, and have what we really need.

Jesus warns of the “thief” which could be anyone or any value which claims to give us true life, but falsely. I think it means not only someone peddling what they explicitly say is religion or spirituality that is false, but also values or approaches to life which are presented to us by the culture (such as by advertisements) as giving us real life - like consumerism or a “me first” attitude. We need to discern between the true and the false.

Christ came so that we might have life - life to the full. The culture may communicate to us that life to the full is a life of material abundance, but wealth can not truly satisfy us. It ultimately proves empty. The life that Christ offers is one full of meaning and inner peace, and free of anxiety and fear - regardless of our material circumstances. We can live in Christ's love, which offers us a security which is deeper than anything the world has to offer.

Dear friends, immerse yourself in the Spirit of Christ. Allow Christ to live within you, and reject all the false gods which are out there. Experience life to the full through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Bill Samuel

* Contemporary English Version ©1995 American Bible Society.

©2011 Friends in Christ, Inc.

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