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This page is of mostly historical value. Our oldest Bible study group was laid down on September 16, 2013. The majority of active members of that group now participate in the Friends of Jesus - Metro DC Area Maryland group which meets in Adelphi, Maryland, and includes Bible study as one element.

We had a Bible study group which met twice a month (with exceptions), rotating among homes of participants in Montgomery and Prince George's Counties, Maryland for 12½ years. It studied all four Gospels and the book of Acts. For our study of Acts, we made some use of The Acts of the Apostles by Dennis Hamm.

Our groups have not operated with a designated leader. Rather, they were more free-form with all participants able to bring up perspectives on the scripture and how it applies to our lives. The groups also did not have a schedule to get through the material. They start each time from where they left off the previous time, and spend as much time on each section as seems helpful. The group is multigenerational, ranging from high school students to senior citizens.

The group which met in the Columbia-Ellicott City-Catonsville area of Maryland completed the synoptic gospels in February 2010, and no longer meets. Its numbers had declined from participants moving away and other circumstances. It does not rule out resuming at some point if there are others in the area who want to meet.

Our groups used a parallel edition of the Gospels during their Gospel studies. The synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke) are presented in parallel, with the Gospel of John being treated separately after the synoptics have been considered. We used Records of the Life of Jesus, arranged by Henry Burton Sharman, Ph.D. (Guild for Psychological Studies). It is not currently in print, but fairly available. It has been published in a number of editions. Any edition will do.

Our discussion questions were based on those in Approaching the Gospels Together: A Leader's Guide for Group Gospels Study by Mary C. Morrison (Pendle Hill Publications). While at least one copy is needed in each group, it is not necessary for all participants to have their own copies.

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