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Friends in Christ began ministry in Greenbelt, Maryland in March of 1999. Below are some reactions by participants to the worship experience and classes which the ministry has offered:

  • "I have found the right place where sharing faith builds trust, strength, laughter and joy. They are a happy and positive group and I wouldn't miss out on this!"
  • "In our searching of scripture and our life experiences with the light given us by the Holy Spirit, I am finding a spirit of thankfulness stengthened in me, a desire to be worthy of the treasure of God's love, and assurance of His forgiveness. It is very wonderful indeed, how He brings our lives and souls together!"
  • "Participating in this group has been a real help to me - after many months of painful alienation from God, I am finding it easier to pray and to relax in God's presence."
  • "The group has added another layer or dimension deeper towards my spiritual development and awareness. I've completed some healing and shedding of pain & guilt I had been burdened with for years and feel lighter and filled with joy and God's love."
  • "I experienced a closeness and friendship while enriching my spiritual growth. ... I felt the way that it was presented was very effective."
  • "Every time I attended a meeting, I was impressed by how well structured it was. ... I thought the low-key format might be a good re-entry for me into the Christian life, which I had abandoned in my autumn depression. That too has come about; or at the least, a seed was sown. ... It has been very pleasant for me to be among such kind-hearted and generous Christian folk. The prayer times at the end of the meetings were often rewarding and inspiring to me."
  • "My expectations are being met very well. I have found many blessings in the presence and sharing of others in the group. ... It has been a blessing and a refuge."
  • " has served as a wonderful support group already for me, because members email me and pray for me, and I for them."
  • "It has helped me feel more assured of God's & Christ's presence in my life and helped me feel calmer and stronger in facing some difficult situations."

Friends in Christ, Inc.
701 King Farm Blvd. #134
Rockville, MD 20850-6168

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