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Mission Statement

Our goal is to assist people into fulfillment as children of God through a living relationship with Jesus Christ.

Core Values

We are committed to seeking God through Jesus Christ.
We are committed to fulfilling God's desire for us and others to become children of God.
We are committed to living Jesus' command to love one another.
We are committed to sharing God's love with others by bringing them into a loving spiritual community.
We are committed to the Bible as an essential resource for spiritual growth.
We are committed to the immediate experience of the Holy Spirit as an essential guide for spiritual growth.
We are committed to prayer, in its varied forms, as an essential method for our fulfillment as children of God.
We are committed to communal worship as the community's expression of its relationship to God.
We are committed to using expectant waiting as a vital form of prayer and worship.
We are committed to a serving ministry assisting the healing of brokenness and the implementation of justice.
We are committed to recognizing, nurturing and developing the gifts for ministry and leadership in all.
We are committed to unity with others in the body of Christ in a common effort to witness the Good News of Jesus Christ.
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