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Friends in Christ Weekly Message
June 27, 2015

[NOTE: This message was originally published March 22, 2001.]
Don't worry. Just have faith!
Mark 5:36 (CEV*)

To whom do we listen? In this scripture, some men from Jairus' home had just told Jairus to quit bothering Jesus because his daughter was dead. In response, this is what Jesus told Jairus.

For what seemed like a very good reason, Jairus was being urged by these men not to bring Jesus home to touch his daughter. The men were not hostile to Jesus. They just didn't see the point of having Jesus make this journey, since it was too late as they saw the situation.

People today are just like people when Jesus walked the earth. They tend to look at things from a rational human perspective. As a result, sometimes they just don't see the point of calling upon Jesus.

Jesus tells us not to listen to the counsel of such people. Put our worries aside, he advises us, and just have faith. We need to trust that God can do things we can't fathom, and rely upon Him no matter what the situation. Jairus' mission in coming to Jesus was accomplished, despite the seeming hopelessness of his beloved daughter's situation.

Remember this story the next time you have a leading that doesn't make sense to others. Remember it when you are hesitating to pray about something because your human, rational mind doesn't see the point of bringing it to God. Put aside your own doubts, and don't listen to the doubts of those around you. Have faith. Follow your leading. Pray for the longings of your heart. There is One who is listening and faithful.

Bill Samuel

* Contemporary English Version ©1995 American Bible Society.

©2001, 2015 Friends in Christ, Inc.

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