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Friends in Christ Weekly Message
April 18, 2009

     But Thomas, sometimes called the Twin, one of the Twelve, was not with them when Jesus came. The other disciples told him, “We saw the Master.”
     But he said, “Unless I see the nail holes in his hands, put my finger in the nail holes, and stick my hand in his side, I won't believe it.”
     Eight days later, his disciples were again in the room. This time Thomas was with them. Jesus came through the locked doors, stood among them, and said, “Peace to you.”
     Then he focused his attention on Thomas. “Take your finger and examine my hands. Take your hand and stick it in my side. Don't be unbelieving. Believe.”
     Thomas said, “My Master! My God!”
     Jesus said, “So, you believe because you've seen with your own eyes. Even better blessings are in store for those who believe without seeing.”

John 20:24-29 (Message*)

It is easy to be a doubter. How are we supposed to believe something without scientific proof?

Many faith claims are not capable of scientific proof. One can choose therefore to be an agnostic or an atheist. But when we choose to accept the claims of Christ on faith, we enter a realm which the doubter avoids. Here it is we experience the reality of the truth of Christ, a reality which gives more meaning and joy to our lives than anything capable of scientific proof.

Do you experience the life of joy and abundance which comes from accepting Christ and allowing Him to fill your life, although you can not prove Christ's reality by ordinary scientific means?

Bill Samuel

* The Message version ©1993-2002 by Eugene H. Peterson.

©2009 Friends in Christ, Inc.

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