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Friends in Christ Weekly Message
April 4, 2009

     In the course of their meal, having taken and blessed the bread, he broke it and gave it to them. Then he said,
    Take, this is my body.
     Taking the chalice, he gave it to them, thanking God, and they all drank from it. He said,
    This is my blood,
    God's new covenant,
    Poured out for many people.
     “I'll not be drinking wine again until the new day when I drink it in the kingdom of God.”

Mark 14:22-25 (Message*)

These are familiar words. There are five accounts of this occasion in the New Testament, and for the most part they are similar. What meaning does this story have for us?

One thing we can learn from this account is the need to receive from Christ. Christ offers us the gift of himself. Our fellowship in Christ lies first in receiving the awesome gift of Himself in our lives.

Can we grasp the magnitude of that gift? Do we embrace it fully, allowing it to transform our lives, our very being?

Bill Samuel

* The Message version ©1993-2002 by Eugene H. Peterson.

©2009 Friends in Christ, Inc.

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