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Friends in Christ Weekly Message
September 15, 2007

     The Lord said to Moses:
     Hurry back down! Those people you led out of Egypt are acting like fools. They have already stopped obeying me and have made themselves an idol in the shape of a young bull. They have bowed down to it, offered sacrifices, and said that it is the god who brought them out of Egypt.
Exodus 32:7-8 (CEV*)

It is easy for us to be smug and say we don't make physical objects and worship them as gods. But shouldn't we look at the question of how we make idols within the context of our culture?

Do we make an idol out of material well-being and affluence? Do we attribute the good things in our lives to our own efforts, military might, the power of our particular nation, political systems or movements, etc. rather than God?

We need to examine ourselves to see if our lives really exhibit total reliance on the one true God. We need to look at what idols have crept into our lives, and turn away from them.

Bill Samuel

* Contemporary English Version ©1995 American Bible Society.

©2007 Friends in Christ, Inc.

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