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Friends in Christ Weekly Message
February 10, 2007

Coming down off the mountain with them, he stood on a plain surrounded by disciples, and was soon joined by a huge congregation from all over Judea and Jerusalem, even from the seaside towns of Tyre and Sidon. They had come both to hear him and to be cured of their ailments. Those disturbed by evil spirits were healed. Everyone was trying to touch him - so much energy surging from him, so many people healed! Then he spoke:
    You're blessed when you've lost it all.
    God's kingdom is there for the finding.

    You're blessed when you're ravenously hungry.
    Then you're ready for the Messianic meal.

    You're blessed when the tears flow freely.
    Joy comes with the morning.
Luke 6:17-21 (Message*)

In the world these people had known, there was little basis for hope. They were at the bottom of society, and seemed destined to stay there, struggling just to survive.

But Jesus came to bring hope to those in seemingly desperate circumstances - the poor, the starving, those overwhelmed with grief and a feeling of hopelessness. He really is “good news to the poor.” Unlike the way the world looked at them, Christ looked at them and saw precious people whom He loved deeply. And as he encountered them, he also provided for them in ways like healing their illnesses and feeding them.

If you're going through a tough time, do you feel Christ reaching out to you? If you're not in really bad shape, and profess to be a follower of Jesus, are you showing the love of Christ to the poor and disheartened?

Bill Samuel

* The Message version ©2002 by Eugene H. Peterson.

©2007 Friends in Christ, Inc.

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