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Friends in Christ Weekly Message
November 21, 2000

This Thursday is Thanksgiving Day in the USA. It seems an appropriate time to express thanks for some things related to the Friends in Christ ministry.

I thank God for using weak and inexperienced people for furthering the divine purpose through this ministry.

I thank God for the authentic, down-to-earth people who have come to participate in the activities of the ministry.

I thank God for giving gifts of ministry to people and allowing them to be manifested through this ministry.

I thank God for the palpable presence of the Holy Spirit each time we gather.

I thank God for the witness of lives transformed which were touched through this ministry.

I thank God for giving people the words they needed to say in our gatherings, in our Internet ministry and in other contacts people in the ministry have had with a variety of people.

I thank God for the continual reminders that we are not in control - and I definitely thank God that He is and we're not!

I thank God for the spirit of love and unity that surrounds us whenever we gather.

I thank God for being patient with us when we have been slow to listen and follow divine guidance.

I thank God for the material resources - funds, meeting places, etc. - which have been made available to this ministry.

I thank God for the deep treasures in the Bible which have been passed down for us to be nurtured by.

I thank God for being God.

Praise the Lord!

May each one who reads these words be filled with thankfulness for the gifts God has given them, and the love and grace God has shown them.

Bill Samuel

©2000 Friends in Christ, Inc.

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