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Friends in Christ Weekly Message
September 18, 2000

"But who do you say I am?"
Matthew 16:15, Mark 8:29, Luke 9:20

This critical question Jesus asked can be answered in several ways. It can be answered theologically or it can be answered from the perspective of personal experience. In Friends in Christ, we shared last Saturday our answers from personal experience.

For me, an experience I had several years ago gets to the heart of my own answer to this question. As part of a program of daily spiritual exercises, I visualized Jesus in the room with me. I actually felt His presence. I turned to him, wondering what words of wisdom or guidance he might have for me. He said just three words, "I love you."

I am overcome with emotion each time I recall this experience. For me, the fundamental truth about Jesus is his love for me which surpasses the love any human is capable of sustaining. It is boundless, timeless, limitless.

For me, Jesus is:

  • the companion who is always faithful.
  • the one whom I can always trust in every situation.
  • the one I can always turn to, who will never turn away.
  • the one whose guidance is always exactly what I need.
  • the one who always responds with compassion.
  • the one with saving grace.

Who do you say Jesus is, based on your experience?

Bill Samuel

©2000 Friends in Christ, Inc.

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