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"Just As I Am Is Enough"

There's a joy in my heart each time I realize,
Just as I am is enough in my Creator's eyes.

I feel his love so deep in my soul,
What a wonderful gift for me to behold.

At night as I pray, I hear his sweet voice say,
"It's all right it's all okay, I will comfort you along the way."

When I'm down and feeling depressed,
Thinking that life is such a cruel test.

He'll take me in his arms and guide me through.
Just to ask him, is all that I need to do.

So I lift my voice up to the heavens in praise,
Giving thanks for all of my previous days.

It's the Creator's work that we must all do.
For His only plan is for what's best for you.

Jackqueline Phillmore-Antoine
October 19, 1999

©1999 Jackqueline Phillmore-Antoine

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