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A Journey into Fulfillment:

An Exploration with Jesus through Mark's Gospel

Friends in Christ

Greenbelt Middle School, Room 108
8950 Edmonston Road, Greenbelt, Maryland

Wednesdays, 7:30 - 9 PM
June 23, 1999 - September 22, 1999
except July 7, July 14, August 25 and Sept. 15, 1999

   This series is over. We invite you to our current series.

   At the center of the Good News in the New Testament is Jesus Christ. His personality, his actions, his teachings, and his death opened for his followers an access to God's love, forgiveness and fulfillment. Their experience was so powerful that they felt Jesus present even after his physical death. Jesus rose from the grave to be a permanent partner in their living relationship with God.

    Mark's Gospel is one of the earliest accounts of Jesus' life as experienced by his followers. Through its chapters Jesus' compassion and daring emerge. Most of all, we can feel Jesus' obedience to God's leading.

    We will take this journey with Jesus through ten classes. Mark's Gospel has been divided into ten sections, each for a class evening. Portions of the Gospel which have been discussed in other Friends in Christ classes have been omitted. Each section contains several stories and teachings of Jesus.

    Our goal in these classes will be to deepen our experience of Jesus. We will listen to Jesus speaking to us in two places: Mark's Gospel and our own life experiences. Jesus is with us now. Our aim is to learn to hear him through our hearts and through the Bible. To prepare for each class, read the assigned section several days before the class. Sit with the section for a few minutes. A phrase, a story or a teaching in the section will speak particularly strongly to you and your life experiences. Write it down on a index card or a piece of paper and carry it with you. Each day read the meaningful portion and hold it in your mind. Try to understand your personal experiences which make the portion significant to you. This process opens Jesus to you in the Bible and in your life. Bring the meaningful portion with you to class.

Class 1, June 23, 1999: Mark 1 Beginnings of Ministry

Class 2, June 30, 1999: Mark 2 & 3 Early Teaching and Healing

No classes July 7 & 14, 1999

Class 3, July 21, 1999: Mark 4:21 - 5:20 Parables and Healing

Class 4, July 28, 1999: Mark 6 Organizing Ministry and Reactions

Class 5, August 4, 1999: Mark 7:1-23, 7:31 - 8:26 Teachings and Miracles

Class 6, August 11, 1999: Mark 8:27 - 10:52 The Messiah and God's Kingdom

Class 7, August 18, 1999: Mark 11 Jesus and Jerusalem

No class August 25, 1999 (participants' celebration)

Class 8, September 1, 1999: Mark 12 & 13 Parable, Teaching and Conflict

Class 9, September 8, 1999: Mark 14 Plot against Jesus and Arrest

No class September 15, 1999 (school weather closing)

Class 10, September 22, 1999: Mark 15 & 16 Death and Resurrection

©1999 Friends in Christ, Inc.

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Rockville, MD 20850-6168

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