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Bible Reading
in the Manner of Conservative Friends

The Conservative branch of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) has a special form of Bible reading in groups. Participants gather, bringing their Bibles. Much as in regular Quaker worship, the meeting is rooted in silence, with attention to listening to God. But in a Bible reading, participants seek particularly to be led to passages in scripture. When moved to a particular section of scripture which seems meant to be shared, a participant stands and reads the scripture passage (usually stating first from where he/she is reading) without adding any commentary. In a typical Bible reading, a number of participants will be led to read from the Bible during the meeting. Some time for silent reflection is left after each reading before another person reads.

The Bible reading is usually ended in the typical manner that Quakers end their worship, with a designated person shaking someone else's hand. Then participants shake the hands of people sitting near them.

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